Essential Workers Mobility Fund

For You To Be Able To Stay Home... Essential Workers Can't

Donate and help provide vehicles, rides and protective gear to delivery drivers, medical staff and other essential workers.


$18,558 raised of $15,000 goal

Stay safe. Stay home. Help your community.





Every $120 Gives an Essential Worker Transportation & Protective Gear for 6 Weeks

Fundraising for
Coronavirus Relief Support

As COVID-19 continues to spread, more individuals, communities, and entire nations are feeling the impact in their daily lives. The EWMF was created to help provide vehicles and protective gear to the workers that enable us to stay home and protected. This initiative drives local economy, jobs and the infrastructure to continue supporting life inside quarantine.

Why Is The EWMF Initiative Crucial?

Life never stops. Inside quarantine or out. That means that logistics and infrastructure needs to function above normal capacity. Food, medicine, life saving services and even the occasional pint of ice cream. Without the correct protective gear, actions and transportation we are risking the lives of the people supporting life inside and ourselves and families.

What is Provided With Your Help

We’re working to keep the world turning and protected. With your help we can support local communities, globally.

E-Scooters, Bikes & E-bikes
Cars & Trucks
Mopeds & Motorcycles
Protective Masks, Gloves & Antibacterial Gel

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Resources, Knowledge & News

Learn more about Covid-19 (Corona Virus), what people and companies around the world are doing and how to keep you and your family safe.

What Is The Essential Workers Mobility Fund?

The EWMF was created by Cosmic in response to the devastating global impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. Every one has been effected from global and national economies down to the individual people that make up our companies, goods and services. The more we all work together and the more we can support the essential workers that help us through these times, the faster we can move out of this period and be better prepared for the future.