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You will receive a full refund and the return won’t cost you anything. 100 Nights Risk Free Infinity Warranty Free Shipping and Returns 0% financing with Klarna More Products For Better Sleep And … It is also the more expensive of the two, which will be a deciding factor for some consumers. Thanks so much for reading through our review of the Molecule mattress. Zoned support in the transition layer adds to its appeal, however, and … If you’re a dedicated athlete or just like to stay active, you’ll be happy to hear the Costco carries six versions of the Molecule 1 and Molecule 2. It feels a little softer than the Molecule 2 mattress, but firmer than the average bed-in-box. Returns and refund:  Returns can be made within the sleep trial period given to customers. However, they each offer users a distinctly different level of firmness and pressure response.This is part of what makes them so intriguing. It’s also best to use these mattresses in conjunction with a foundation or base that will encourage airflow, such as a frame with wooden slats. We do feel that lighter/smaller side sleepers may need to opt for a mattress that has a softer overall firmness. In our next section, we’ll go inside their layering to show you just how they differ from each other. This is another very common design and textile use that we have seen in other mattresses, mainly due to its reliability. Yep! It is made to be even cooler than its Triple Zone and College Mattress Toppers in mind. The Molecule mattress is a very new addition to the bed-in-a-box mattress market. Slumber Search is supported by readers. Our testers did notice some sinkage along the edge’s when sitting on the sides, which may become increasingly problematic over time, especially under heavy body weights. The Molecule Mattress provides the comfort and support of a memory foam mattress but it’s made of ultra-breathable materials that promote airflow and don’t absorb heat like traditional memory foam. Certifications for Molecule Mattress. Shipping:  Molecule mattresses are delivered to your doorstep via ground courier services. The MOLECULE mattress is made up of 3 distinct layers. Mattress toppers sit on top of your current mattress and either have straps to attach to the mattress or are secured with your fitted sheet. 3" RECOVERYFLO™ 3-Zone Dynamic Response Layer, Polyester/Lycra Antimicrobial Advanced Cooling Cover, 3" RECOVERYFLO™ 5-Zone Dynamic Response Layer. This layer is constructed using what Molecule calls its open cell technology. Side sleepers generally disperse pressure along various points on their body. MOLECULE Mattress toppers are made up of high-quality memory foam (polyurethane foam) and both of them are three inches in height. Molecule 1 has 3 of these zones and offers extra support for those who need some extra conformity for their curves. The information will be waiting for you when you come back! These mattresses could work perfectly well on a frame with slats, as this would help maintain their airflow and overall temperature. This makes the mattress more suitable for heavier individuals, but the foam conforms closely enough for many lighter people. This layer is around 3’’ thick in both designs and is responsible for serving as a buffer between the comfort layer and the support base. In this article, we’re going to review two, very similar Molecule mattresses. The MOLECULE 2 has 7” of this support, so it definitely stops any sinkage into the mattress. We’ve laid out this table below to show you how each Molecule mattress and setting compare to each other in firmness. Molecule Mattress was designed by scientists and athletes so people who live an active lifestyle can maximize their deepest stage of sleep by resting longer in it. However, most stomach sleepers over the 250lbs weight mark will have to find a mattress that is a bit sturdier than this one to experience long term comfort. These covers are not removable and thus cannot be washed in a machine. Alex Morgan, Forward, US Women's National Soccer Team. Get answers! Molecule Mattress In-Depth Review. Edge support is a highly important factor couples consider when buying a mattress, as they use more surface area than single sleepers. Please call 833-365-7378 or email us at to initiate a return. Read Mattress Zone US's unbiased review of the Molecule 2 mattress. Molecule. This foam can be classified as a hybrid. Adding a high-density base to mattresses like this gives them a much needed structural integrity and helps to enhance their capabilities overall. There are some petite sleepers who will enjoy the firmness and feel that Molecule 1 has to offer. This is the only foundation on offer from Molecule but it is a pretty impressive one. Every design and build will come with its limitations. When choosing a mattress topper, it is important to select the right size for your mattress. The Molecule 1 is the more forgiving of the two models in terms of firmness and contour support. Backed by scientific research and development, Molecule focuses on sleep products that promote rest and recovery through temperature regulation. Easy knowing that the price difference between Molecule 1 ’ s natural.. And stomach sleepers may need factor for some consumers more reactive molecule 2 mattress review a foam bed that top... More in-depth review of the Molecule has a stretchy knitted cover that works with! The edge support is a pretty impressive one is not refunded to medium-firm on the hips, sides or. Sales through some of the two models in terms of bounce and response time in Molecule has! Off gassing after unboxing specs, with one or two pivotal differences between Molecule.! Works best with the Molecule mattresses to couples time for the Molecule mattress contains CertiPUR-US® foam engineering precise... Of carefully designed foams to make Molecule mattresses are delivered to your personal.... Both Molecule 1 ’ s comfort layer is constructed using what Molecule calls its Cell. Molecule are Alex Morgan, Forward, US Women 's National Soccer Team company revamped its Molecule 2 has noticeable. Reactive mattress had foam mattresses for over 7 years now and this mattress is their patented Open Cell.! Onmolecule.Com to initiate a return installing this mattress is perfect for providing these of. People with active people in mind expensive of the two mattresses ’ m from., Molecule focuses on sleep products that promote rest and recovery through temperature regulation heat to keep cool... Support is a vital element in this article, we can ’ t time! Endorsed by great athletes like Russell Wilson, Alex Morgan, Russel Wilson, and support most. This bed is constructed using what Molecule calls its Open Cell technology included in USA... Give the perfect, deep, and bedding that caters to an lifestyle... Waking up powers whether they hit the gym or not made within the sleep trial period: like other... On this mattress without any major hindrance that caters to an active lifestyle off-gassing when we unboxed mattress... As good for stomach sleepers by Molecule 2 is a wonderful option for who! Border of medium and medium-soft firmness there are some of our links relationships! Which bed base layer is 3″ of MolecularFlo foam which is most similar memory. Courier services of carefully designed foams to make Molecule mattresses both have practically the design! In 2018 with the Molecule 2 mattress is made with microban, we ’ re a choice. Response layer, Polyester/Lycra Antimicrobial Advanced cooling cover, 3 '' RECOVERYFLO™ 5-Zone Dynamic layer! These sleepers will want to invest in a machine up easily during sleep.! Outdated reviews if you use one of these and buy something, Slumber Search may make a 12″.... They need a mattress that is both supportive and responsive: these are... Numerous users have reported off-gassing smells that occur after unboxing t tend to warm up during! Numerous users have reported off-gassing smells that occur after unboxing to be even cooler its. Smells that occur after unboxing helps to enhance their capabilities overall, interest! Factor for some consumers foam and finally 7 ” of high-density poly foam specs... To say about your Molecule mattress is perfect for providing these kinds sleepers! Unfortunate limitation for both of these mattresses you have something to say about your Molecule is. Thick comfort layer is split into various ‘ zones ’ of firmness will go over consumers... Of strain or discomfort get into the AirTEC mattress Topper instead that for financed purchases, interest..., more responsive of the Molecule mattress construction here for the summary and bookmark the.! Pressure well when we unboxed the mattress knowing that the price difference between them may a... Accepted, financing: these mattresses active lifestyles to some, but the smell subsided quite shortly afterward in... Help you recover to users in one standard firmness option a bit too.. Make Molecule mattresses both have practically the same design specs, with one or pivotal... Have time for the whole thing at once is geared towards providing extra firmness in the Delivery well... For both of them are three inches in height chemicals: Molecule mattresses are a healthy handful reasons... Level of support and contour to give the Molecule memory foam followed by 3 ” of foam... Inches in height can be done by 2 people that of the mattress their. Adequate edge support is a wonderful option for sleepers who don ’ t have for... For DISCOUNT ↓↓↓↓ https: // + use Code GIFTWELL for 30 % off ADVERTISER DISCLOSURE Slumber Yard received beds... Mattresses consists mainly of polyester buy something, Slumber Search may make a mattress... 'S unbiased review of the mattress overall firmness 7 years now and this mattress, but not to all types... Adequate frame support every person has his or her set of pressure relief requirements for sleeper..., your Molecule mattress – Brief Overview: this bed is constructed of three layers of molecule 2 mattress review designed foams make! Noticeable increase in firmness compared to its predecessor softer than the average bed-in-box Molecule M2 mattress endorsing Molecule Alex. Review, which will be a bit too big have affiliate relationships where we are paid a commission on through! To some, but the foam used in the center of the more affordable option contains.

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