non vital pulp therapy ppt

Cive local anaesthesia and isolate the tooth with rubber dam . 3. Criteria must be fulfilled to undergo vital pulp therapy 1. Devitalizing agents, non-vital methods of root canal therapy, non-vital pulpotomy and pulpectomy, indications, description of techniques Pediatric pulp therapy for ... – A free PowerPoint PPT presentation (displayed as a Flash slide show) on - id: 56bfc5-YzZlY By definition, a nonvital tooth is a tooth with a necrotic pulp.Pulp necrosis is suspected when a tooth does not react to thermal, electric, or mechanical stimulation, but the definite diagnosis is established only after inspection and probing of the pulp chamber and the root canal. Vital pulp therapy Impaired healing Calcified canals unfavourable for endosurgery . Pulp is asymptomatic or show symptoms of reversible pulpitis. Vital pulp therapies are the treatment of choice for traumatized and carious teeth with vital pulps and open apices [17]. vital and non-vital primary and immature permanent teeth. Financial factor Conserve or ... •Non strategic tooth Non functioning or Can not be used as an abutment ... PowerPoint Presentation Author: TOSHIBA Teeth in which the root canal space is needed to hold a post and core. The key to the success of vital pulp therapy … Pulp therapy requires periodic clinical and radiographic assess- ment of the treated tooth and the supporting structures.14 Post-operative clinical assessment generally should be performed every six months and could occur as part of a patient’s periodic comprehensive oral examination. The PowerPoint PPT presentation: "Pulp Therapy in Pediatric Dentistry" is the property of its rightful owner. View and Download PowerPoint Presentations on Vital Pulp Therapy PPT. 2. Teeth involved in a complex periodontal therapy. Basic Steps in pulpectomy STEP 1 . Non vital pulp therapy for immature teeth with irreversible pulpitis or necrotic pulps Posterior immature teeth. Pulp Therapy in Pediatric Dentistry --Non-Vital Pulp Therapy- Apexification (Young Permanent Teeth) Apical closure of an incompletely formed root Implemented when apexogenesis has failed Necrotic tissue removal short of the apexification site Agent is placed in canals to achieve closure/apical stop Basic Steps in pulpectomy STEP . 2. The approaches include indirect pulp capping in deep caries cavities and direct pulp capping or pulpotomy in cases of pulp exposure. 6 Treatment of Nonvital Teeth. When Contraindication for vital pulp therapy: 1. Teeth involved in a complex restoration . Pulp Therapy in Pediatric Dentistry --Vital Pulp Therapy- Indirect Pulp Cap/Treatment (IPT) Definition: In essence, an IPT is the application of a drug over a minimal amount of carious dentin with no clinical exposure of the pulp with the objective of generating reparative … Partially vital pulp Non-vital pulp .

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